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Post Traumatic Growth Therapy for Athletes™


Hi, I'm Marisa.

I help folks find balance, ease, and purpose.

Moving with flow and ease is possible. However, many of us instead have a default state of restlessness, anxiousness, stress, and worry. We often live the paradox: In order to achieve greatness, we must sacrifice balance. (Whether you are running a personal best, being a great Mom, or a top-performing professional). It’s this paradox that keeps us embroiled in unhappiness and exhaustion.

I personally spent years of my life living this struggle. Although on the outside I appeared to have it all, the veneer of success was slowly cracking and on the inside, I knew there had to be another way to live.

I offer you hope.

Through a unique approach I call Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) for Athletes, I help driven individuals struggling with life’s challenges get help and learn to trust their bodies to help them heal. PTG for Athletes is a science-driven approach that combines traditional models of therapy with body-awareness techniques specifically targeting nervous system regulation. Learn more about PTG for Athletes™.


How I Can Help



Find balance and flow in sport and life. Achieve your greatness! Learn More.


Anxiety & Stress

It's time to end the struggle. Are you ready for freedom, peace, and calm? Learn More.


Food Issues

Struggling with food is exhausting. It's time to heal you relationship with food and your body. Learn More.



You are so much more than what you do! Learn to celebrate your imperfections while still kicking butt in the world. Learn More.

I get real with my clients. I get in the ring with my clients. We do it together.

This is not the place where I rattle off my clinical education, experience, fancy modalities, or brag about athletic achievements. Instead, I offer a real human-to-human type of counseling in a gentle direct manner. I learned over the years, most of us just want to feel better to be heard and understood and to find ease within the noise of our lives.

If you're ready to find that ease and flow, then feel free to give me a call or set up a free 20-minute consultation.