• Therapy for Athletes
    Food Issues
    & Anxiety

    Durango, CO

  • Therapy for Athletes
    Food Issues
    & Anxiety

    Durango, CO

Moving with Flow & Ease is Possible

However, many of us instead have a default state of restlessness, anxiousness, stress, and worry.
We often live the paradox: In order to achieve greatness, we must sacrifice balance.
(Whether you are running a personal best, being a great Mom, or a top-performing professional).
It’s this paradox that keeps us embroiled in unhappiness and exhaustion.

I Help Folks Find, Balance, Ease, and Purpose.

I personally spent years of my life living this struggle.  Although on the outside I appeared to have it all,
the veneer of success was slowly cracking and on the inside, I knew there had to be another way to live.

I offer you hope.

New clients often ask me  “Is it possible to let go and live differently”?.

To this, I always answerIt’s why I’m in this chair.

Why I’m Different


This is not the place where I rattle off my clinical education, experience, fancy modalities, or brag about athletic achievements. See About Marisa.

Instead, I offer a real human-to-human type of counseling in a gentle direct manor.

I learned over the years, most of us just want to feel better to be heard and understood and to find ease within the noise of our lives.

I get real with my clients.
I get in the ring with my clients.
We do it together.

If you're ready to find that ease and flow then feel free to give me a call or set up a free 20-minute consultation.

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