“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”

– Laird Hamilton

Us athletes, we're a unique breed.

Whether we subscribe to being type A or a subset of, (Type B+) we tend to thrive on:

Challenge, Adversity, Endurance, and even Pain at times.

We share this sublime ethos of suffering and structure…repeat, repeat, repeat.

Our non-athlete friends praise us for our dedication, commitment, adherence to healthy lifestyles and many ways we are models of vitality (to them).

Yet we feel a dark side often: a lack of confidence, an imposter syndrome, a lack focus and motivation.

If  only they really knew…

We love our sport (or activity) so much that we often find ourselves in the throws of overtraining, under-training, and a pathological comparison to others.

Sometimes we hide behind podium finishes, and PR’s.

We struggle to relax, to feel.


If  I just train harder then...

We love our sport, but we struggle to strike balance.

Our relationships get messy.

We obsess about watts, pounds, miles, minutes, total “vert”, zones… instead of paying attention to our spouses that frown or our children that deserve our attention.

And yet still there is nothing better than those hill repeats at 6 am or watching the sunrise after an all night plodding through the darkness with only our headlight to see by.

Yes, us athletes…we ARE different.

It’s become trendy now to throw around kitchy words like MENTAL TOUGHNESS, PEAK PERFORMANCE.

You’ve read the slogans: How to improve your MENTAL GAME, Cultivate MINDFULNESS.

I mean no disrespect, but all of these notions lack one critical concept: YOU! You are uniquely you, and so is my approach. Learn more about Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes


Therapy for athletes

We always start by asking one fundamental question: “What are you wanting in your life?”

99% of the athletes I ask sigh and say: “I just want to feel Happy and Content. I want to feel like I am Enough.”

Rarely do I hear “I just want to win.” (To those people I politely say, I’m not your gal.)

Most of us KNOW that winning does NOT create happiness.

And yet winning or accomplishing is the bar we set for ourselves. It can feel like crazy-making. You may struggle with focus, or motivation, self-sabotage or confidence. Maybe the struggle is with food or your body’s size and shape. Or for some an injury or illness has kept you away from what you love.

Together we get to the root of what CREATES REAL HAPPINESS in sport (and life).

That’s how we improve.

We improve by: Loving the process NOT fearing the outcome.

Together, we find happiness in sport.

My number one goal is to get to know YOU, uniquely you.

I can help. Click here to schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation.