Food Issues

“It’s never been true, not anywhere at any time, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit, is dependent on a number on a scale.”

– Geneen Roth

You think about food a lot.

Struggling with food can feel like a ball and chain that never comes off.
Other times it feels like a safety net to sanity-the only thread that keeps you in control of your life.
If you stopped controlling what you ate your world feels like it would spin out of control.

The inner voice says...

“How can that person just eat that piece of cake like it’s no big deal?”

“Why can’t I just be okay with eating?”

“I’m only ALLOWED to eat if I (fill in the blank):
run ten miles, follow my diet rules, workout five times a week,
feel confident, get my work done, reach my goal weight,
balance my food points, calories, fat grams”

But really, you just feel anxious and like crap.

You may find yourself both loving and loathing following food rules.

You feel like part of the tribe if you follow the rules.

Maybe you’ve tried to go or continue to be: Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian…

Maybe you’ve tried Intermittent Fasting, a Food Cleanse, a Sugar Detox, Dry January (which always leads to full-on February).

And yet, you always get LET DOWN.


You can't ever seem to stick to the plan.

The diet fails you and you fail the diet.

All you really want is to break free from the dieting hell. Your truest desire is to be content and happy.

But...somehow deep within your psyche there is an equation that says:

Being Thin (er) = Being Happy


Therapy for food issues

To All of You I Say:


As a person myself that has recovered from disordered eating,
I genuinely “get” the struggle.
I understand the complexities that come with having either struggled with food, food and exercise,
or the struggle with body image. I’ve had it all.

Perhaps you’ve tried Intuitive Eating, or Mindful Eating
or consider yourself to have an Eating Disorder

I offer a unique method working both on the practical side of eating (cause we gotta eat!)
and the emotional underpinnings of why we do what we do.
Both are needed to fully heal.

The bottom line is:

I help people heal broken relationships with food (and their body).

Together we can take back your life. You deserve to be free and happy.
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