Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Providing secure, video and phone based therapy in Colorado

Finding the right therapist who really GETS your specific needs can be a challenge.
My belief is that finding a GOOD FIT in therapy is essential…I have a specific niche that I feel confident I serve well based on my experience, passion, and credentials.

I uniquely work with athletic active types of folks, who often also find struggles with food and or anxiety. If you feel that this describes your pain or struggle and meeting in person would be a challenge then I encourage you to consider ONLINE THERAPY.

I have to be honest I used to be a sceptic-but after serving many clients and witnessing the success..



Just imagine not having to worry about driving, parking or traffic. It’s as easy as having your device (phone, tablet, or computer) connected to the internet. No need for having to add extra time into your schedule.
I’ve “seen” clients in their personal offices, bedrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms and even from a car. (not while driving).
Often pets can be included in the session, warm blankets, personal props-journals, access to food and drinks…it can be very relaxing and sometimes MORE therapeutic than traveling to my office.

Yes, it’s different from traditional in person counseling. Most every single client that has expressed some initial hesitation (due to the newness or efficacy) tells how surprised they were after the session-how effective online therapy is.

If this piques your interest please read on or give me a call and we can chat about it.


I always start with a free phone call for all of my new clients-either in person or online. During that call we chat about how to get connected using the online platform. I’m not a tech guru so I have chosen a user friendly platform and I am happy to talk you through setting it up.

I also send you intake paperwork electronically that you can fill out and send back to me. I then send you a link with your session time and away we go. Payment is also done all electronically and we discuss these options. It’s really THAT easy.

Realizing that sometimes there are bumps to navigate-I generally allow for extra time during the initial session to allow for these bumps-we do it together.

Please call for you free 20 minute phone consultation