Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes™

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) for Athletes™ is an innovative new therapy model that combines traditional models of therapy with body-awareness techniques specifically targeting nervous system regulation. This groundbreaking approach helps athletes and athletically-driven individuals to finally feel true growth and relief from problematic patterns that have impacted their lives.

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Benefits of Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes™


Increased happiness and ease in life and sport


Increased ability to relax but also to train and exercise


Increased focus and clear motivation in all areas of life


A sense of confidence in oneself


A sense of both acceptance with oneself coupled with a pure drive for excellence


Ability to illicit “Flow” states in life and in athletics

Issues Targeted by Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes™

  • Anxiety, overwhelm, or shutdown, either related to life or sport
  • Unresolved trauma or grief
  • Lack of confidence or worth
  • Overtraining or compulsive, addictive training
  • Body image issues
  • Disordered eating related to training, athletics
  • FOMO, Social Media pressure/personas

Who can benefit from Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes™

  • Athletes who have had an acute traumatic experience, impacting sport and life
  • Athletes who have had trauma in past and use sport or activity as a supportive or coping mechanism
  • Athletes struggling with an injury or coming back after an injury
  • Athletes struggling with food or body image issues
  • Athletes struggling with anxiety or inability to feel calm
  • Athletes struggling with feeling confident or connected to sport and life
  • Performance related struggles: lack of motivation, focus, “choking”

Unlike traditional talk therapy or sports psychology, PTG for Athletes™ is a science-driven approach that approaches therapy in a multidimensional perspective.

The approach aims to shift the athlete’s focus on outcome to the process, ensuring a deeper level of satisfaction in sport and life. Often, athletes achieve performance gains from this integrative approach, but the aim is to help the athlete feel more satisfaction, growth and restoration in all areas of life, which then leads to a greater athletic and performance capacity.

Post Traumatic Growth for Athletes™ works from the bottom up and the inside out, which is a unique and more effective approach than other conventional models of psychology and counseling.


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